At Encore Windows, we specialize in retrofit window and door installation. We work on projects of all sizes, and we offer windows with innovative designs, comfort and versatility to set your home window installation apart from anything else on the market.

The windows we install for our customers are of only the highest quality, and our service is unbeatable. We offer customizable solutions for homeowners that allow you to choose sizes tailor-made for your home. Our professional installers are experienced in creating smooth lines and installing methodology that ensures longevity for your windows.

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Over thirty years experience we will provide you with the best installation techniques available. We will remove your old windows and professionally install your new windows without damage to your home. When you trust your home to us you know you have the best crew available, not some sub-contractor or someone without the knowledge or experience to be able to provide a professional job. We take pride in making the installation process as pleasant as possible.

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Quality Windows and Doors provides top quality residential window and door services. We employ a team of qualified window and door installers. Professional installation means your products are covered under the manufacturers warranty. It also means every team member you come into contact with works to meet our high standards.

We will treat your home or business as if it were our own, working hard to keep your space tidy as we work. The manufacturers of windows offers a manufacturer limited warranty.

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Window Replacement
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Professional window replacement installers can provide a complete evaluation and listen to your needs, find solutions to your window problems, measure window openings, deliver materials, remove existing windows, install new windows, clean up the mess, and follow up to ensure quality control. Window Replacement specialist only replace windows. They do not do repairs. Any way you look at it, replacing your windows not only adds value to your home, but also adds beauty and energy efficiency. Window replacement professionals do not repair broken windows and glass. No repairs can be made. If you need a complete replacement, the following will help you find a window replacement professional that is right for you. If you need a repair please follow the link below.


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Battling the high temperatures and humid climate of Texas is just one of our specialties at ProView Windows of Texas. We're dedicated to offering the highest quality window and door products on the market, and we want every customer to have an amazing experience. With over 25 years of experience in providing the highest quality windows available in Texas. We offer outstanding results and incredible customer service. No matter your preferences, we'll make sure that you love your new windows and your experience with our professional staff.

ProView Windows of Texas is a window and door company specializing in the highest quality products available on the market today. We also focus on the latest technology and the most appropriate products for the hot, sunny climates of Texas. Our products are built to last and we back that with a lifetime (25 yr.) transferable warranty.

We pride ourselves in treating every project with personalized care. We provide the special attention to detail you would expect from a professional installation. Our installers are all factory trained and we require a high level of experience from all staff members.

Wendy M. Vaughan has significant experience and success in the window replacement industry. Her company, Wendy Vaughan Home Improvements, has been a subcontractor to both of the two major window replacement companies in the Gulf Coast area. She has consistently been the leading salesperson in the Houston area for both of those companies at different times. Prior to the window replacement industry, her company focused on roofing and home improvement construction. Thus, Wendy's experience includes business strategy, sales, administration, and project management, such as costing, scheduling, crew supervision, quality control, client interaction and satisfaction.
Judy M. Clark has over 25 years of experience in administration. She graduated from Texas A&I in 3 years with a BA in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Programming. She spent the first 13 years of her career with Arthur Andersen, and has been with another "Big Four" accounting firm since 2002. She has significant experience with marketing, event planning, proposals, contract generation, and administrative systems and processes.

W. Ted Clark has had significant experience building business lines within existing companies and companies. He initiated a new service line within a "Big Four" accounting firm which was built to an eight figure practice within seven years of his ten years at the firm. This included business strategy, internal and external marketing, sales, administration and management, technical expertise, quality control, and compliance to industry regulations. Ted then was one of the founding members and the managing partner of a company that provided specialized tax services that was grown into a multi-million dollar company which sold to the fifth largest accounting firm in the world at the end of 2014. The innovative design, comfort and versatility of NuView windows sets them apart from all others in the market. Our crankless Parallex Hardware, and award-winning, patented system that replaces the traditional hand crank on standard casement windows, offers improved durability, performance, and energy efficiency. This unique technology grants the operator unmatched convenience, providing an effortless experience each time the windows are opened or closed.

This is only one of the configurations offered by NuView windows. Your home can enjoy a host of advantages with these ground-breaking windows, from single-hungs, to double sliders, and more. NuView offers tighter seals that increase energy efficiency and better security for your family. Since there are no cranks in the design, NuView windows do not interfere with any existing window coverings and are available in a surprising array of sizes. Open up the view and provide better ventilation throughout your home with windows that can be quickly opened for easy access.

Unmatched Convenience and Quality

Custom sizing is available for the entire NuView Brilliance Collection, allowing you to transform each window in your home without compromising a strong thermal seal. In addition to top of the line quality, NuView designs show incredible attention to detail. Each window can be tilted inward or rotated, for easy cleaning on both sides of the glass.

Whether you're looking for unmatched performance or breath-taking aesthetics, NuView provides both without compromising structural strength. The unique Ultra Slim Profile uses advanced engineering techniques to create windows with strong narrow frames that accentuate the glass surface of the windows. This brings your home amplified light, bold visual lines, and a widened exterior view compared to traditional frames. Regardless of how many windows are configured together, the Ultra Slim Profile features a common mullion system that still maintains a distinctive, narrow frame appearance.

Fully Customizable Results

Every project includes a variety of customizable options to provide optimal performance in our hot, sunny, Texas climate. In addition, NuView windows can be customized with different grid styles, frame colors and profiles. We'll work with you to ensure that your new windows are the perfect choice for your home's unique needs.

Enjoy Retractable Window Screens and Blinds

Every NuView operating window or door includes patented Retractable Insect Screens which easily retract into the window or door frame when not in use. This allows for an unobstructed view, more natural light, and keeps the screens free from dirt, allergens, and other pollutants.

We also offer as a separate option, integrated blind systems for even greater energy efficiency to lower your utility bills. These convenient blinds can boost your home's heating and cooling efficiency by reaching maximum efficiency ratings, unmatched by any other window in the market.

To provide incredible ease and comfort, all screens and blinds feature a cartridge rollaway design which prevents collection of dirt and allergens (similar to our insect screens), and extends the life of your windows. If a cartridge should need to be replaced, a simple process of snapping a new one into place is all that's required.

We're excited to show you how NuView windows can transform your home. State-of-the-art thermal technology meets unmatched convenience in every window. To discuss our available options and speak to an experienced consultant, contact us today.

Window Wall

Among NuView's exciting array of products, the window wall is a revolutionary option that maximizes ventilation in your home and natural light. Composed of glass panels that can be easily manipulated to slide together or angle open, the window wall is a unique hybrid between a window and door. Available in a variety of sizes, it can even span the width of enormous openings or an entire home.
Our top-of-the line composite windows offer many benefits over traditional window materials. Cellular composite windows are constructed using materials that create a closed cell foam structure. This traps air within the materials and creates the thermal performance which makes this material top choice for windows.

The composite sash, frame, and sill lack a grain, which prevents splitting, cracking, and warping while resisting moisture. Unlike wood, this material isn't subject to rot, mildew, mold, insects, and flaking when met with high temperature or humid environments. When installed on homes throughout Texas, these windows will stand up to adverse weather and endure for years to come.

Enhanced strength is added when the exterior of the window is wrapped with a composite cap, providing a durable, smooth surface. Reduced maintenance, superior strength, and increased longevity are just some of the benefits offered by our composite windows.

That's why composite windows are preferred by both homeowners and professionals. In addition to ease of maintenance, composite windows are simple to install and advances in technology through the past decades have made this material even more friendly to work with.

Enhance your Home with Cellular Composite Windows

The elegant simplicity of composite windows complements any home's material, from stucco to brick, wood, and cement. This material can be heat formed, routed, and milled to create an endless number of shapes and designs to enhance any home's interior and exterior.

In addition, unlike wood, our composite material requires no sanding or painting in preparation for use. This makes it easier to install your new windows without the hassle of preparing the color or finish.

Better than Wood

All of ProView Windows of Texas' composite windows resist rot, leading to easier maintenance and less worry than traditional wooden frames. In addition, there's no need to worry about the rising cost of wood with cellular composite windows that are cost effective and more environmentally friendly. When compared to wood, rigid vinyl, and even aluminum, composite windows are clearly the way to go. We offer only the best products to our clients, and we stand behind our choice of composite, the top material in the market.

When making the decision to upgrade or remodel your home, vinyl is currently the frontrunner in the US, and with so many benefits when compared to other materials it's easy to see why it's preferred 67% of the time. Vinyl resists the rot and molding of wood and offers superior performance in humid environments across Texas. Plus, keeping vinyl in great shape require virtually no maintenance and minimal cleaning.

For homeowners on the Gulf Coast, choosing the right windows isn't just a matter of appeal - it's important to keep your home and family safe. That's why ProView Windows of Texas offers hurricane vinyl windows that will stand up to even the most severe storm winds and adverse weather. When your home is facing a hurricane, you won't have to worry about whether your windows can handle the strain.

Features of our outstanding hurricane vinyl windows include:
Reinforced cellular vinyl material
R-5 thermal performance for high energy efficiency
No warping, flaking, or splitting
No scraping, priming, or painting necessary before installation
Moisture resistant, to combat rot, mold, and mildew
Durable materials and construction, to give you peace of mind

Windstorm-Rated Windows from ProView Windows of Texas

You don't have to compromise your home's beauty to keep your family safe. In addition to endless design possibilities, we offer windstorm-rated (Texas Dept. of Insurance approved) windows that meet safety-standards to resist anything the weather can throw at you.

Best Investments Windows was founded in 1977 and specializes in the restoration and repair of residential homes with siding, windows, roofing and patio covers and enclosures. We have developed a reputation throughout the Houston metro and surrounding areas of designing and completing home remodeling projects that exceed customer expectations. Whether you are looking to replace your siding and windows or add a patio enclosure and/or cover or replace your roof, our experienced craftsman have the expertise to complete your project.

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