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(281) 717-6105
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Roof Technologies is a service company (first & foremost) providing unparalleled customer service in a world almost devoid of it. We can evaluate your home or facilities existing roof conditions and provide detailed reports in paper or electronic format as desired. But, you may only need to make a small repair or already know your roof needs to be replaced. Roof Technologies is eager to assist you regardless of the situation; replacement, simple repairs or maybe you want to start a regularly scheduled maintenance program to clean your gutters and foliage off the roof. Your satisfaction is our GOAL and we have both the desire and ability to make that a reality. Why wait, call us today.

The team at Roof Technologies is small but characteristically family centered and grounded in the community. The founder, Alan Wilson, has spent the last 36 years honing his skills at estimating, project managing and servicing clients throughout Texas and Louisiana. Alan likes to say, My real education in roofing began after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans where I spent almost five years working on every conceivable type of roof known to man and then some. The team at Roof Technologies is joined by John DeJesus, a veteran roofing man himself with 20+ years of invaluable experience. Alan and John are both family men and committed to a life in Jesus Christ and thus began their friendship in 1997. Between these two veteran roofers there are not too many roof related problems they cannot solve including the cumbersome Windstorm requirements of the coastal areas south of Houston.

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