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License Number: TACLA23071C
Licensed by: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

My name is Dwayne Ehlert, and I worked as an AC helper and an AC installer in the late 1970s. I left college in 1981 to become an employee at a reputable AC service company. I became one of the leading installers and service technicians in the city. I remained with that company for about 35 years, and over those years I continued to learn more about my field and become a driving force in the company infrastructure.

I now have the opportunity to start my own company, Home & Business Comfort Specialists. We offer the kind of customer service and value that any company would be proud to provide. In my almost 40 years of experience in service business, I have leaned all of the Do's & Don't s of customer service.

We provide this top class Customer Service primarily by listening to our customers and finding out what is important to them. How much we know about the technical details and pros and cons of the products in our industry wont be helpful if we dont know what our customer wants and needs. Offering the best advice for you and your particular situation is our top priority.

There are so many variables to consider when shopping for a new comfort system for your home or business. The same is true if you are looking for a service company to repair your AC system, or to solve an indoor air-quality issue. When you call Home & Business Comfort Specialists, you can rely on fast and effective results. The more we understand what is important to you, the better we will be able to help you with all your comfort and indoor air quality concerns.

Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members about how we can best serve you. We proudly serve customers in Katy, Texas.

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