For over thirty years, we at Suncor Outdoors have been committed to providing our clients with professional workmanship and quality products. We are based in Katy, Texas and service the Greater Houston area. Each client is treated as an individual with unique tastes, styles and specifications. We offer a wide range of services from distinctive pool, spa and landscape designs, to outdoor living, to efficient irrigation systems, to basic and full service lawn maintenance. All jobs, large and small, are handled with a personal touch that is unmatched by our competition, and it is that special attention that sets us apart. Suncor Outdoors makes the effort that makes the difference!

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Swimming Pool Builders / Installation
Swimming Pool Installation / Swimming Pools/ Pool Construction / Remodeling

A swimming pool is an artificially enclosed body of water intended for recreational or competitive swimming, diving, or for other bathing activities that do not involve swimming. For example, play, wading, water exercise, floating around on inner tubes, or merely cooling off on hot days. Swimming pools can be constructed either above ground (generally constructed from plastic and metal), or in the ground (usually formed either out of reinforced concrete and lined with special plaster). There are many types of pools such as public pools, private pools, competition pools, length pools, exercise pools, infinity pools, and diving pools. Today it is very common to find homes with private swimming pools.

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Cy-Fair, TX 77410, 77429, 77433, 77084, 77095

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