Brightway carpet cleaning does more than just carpet cleaning. We offer cleaning of:Tile/Grout, Area/Oriental Rugs, Furniture/Upholstery, Air Ducts, Auto/RV interiors and mattresses. Got ripples or bumps in your carpet, we can restretch your carpet. Did the pet get locked in a room by mistake & try to dig itself out, we can fix that too. Did the tub or sink overflow, we off help with small water extraction jobs.

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Tile Cleaning
Grout Cleaning

Porous tile and grout surfaces are not maintainable. Emulsified dirt, mold and bacteria become embedded in the porous surface with each nightly mopping. "Cleaning" tile and "cleaning" grout lines by mopping have actually intensified your problem. The main reason for grout to get discolored is dirty mop water over a period of time will turn/stain even the lightest colored grout dark. These stains are very hard to remove as well as being an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, mold & mildew.
Using high pressure and heat can help remove the dirt and bacteria in the porous surface of the tile and grout restoring to its original look as well as disinfect.

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