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The $25.00 Katy Pros (Check A Pro) Gift Card is absolutely FREE and can be used with any participating Katy Pros or  Check A Pro member. Look for the accepting symbol (blue circle with a red check mark) on members profiles.

The $25.00 Gift Card is reusable and does not expire, so hang on to it! You must register your Gift Card before each use. You will be required to print a coupon after you register the card. This coupon is what will be given to the Check A Pro Contractor of your choice. Remember, hang on to your card!

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Gift Card may be used only once with each participating member. Gift may be retained by consumer and reused with other Check A Pro participating members. The Check A Pro Gift Card is transferable, resuable and does not have an expiration date. For any questions regarding the Terms of Use of your Check A Pro Gift Card contact (281) 398-PROS.



Air Conditioning Repair - Katy, TX

Alarm Systems - Katy, TX

Appliance Repair - Katy, TX

Attic Cooling - Katy, TX

Bath Remodeling - Katy, TX

Cabinet Refinishing - Katy, TX

Carpet Cleaning - Katy, TX

Drainage Repair - Katy, TX

Electricians - Katy, TX

Fence Repair - Katy, TX

Foundation Repair - Katy, TX

Front Door Refinishing - Katy, TX

Garage Door Refinishing - Katy, TX

Glass and Mirror Repair - Katy, TX

Gutter Replacement and Repair - Katy, TX

Handyman Services Repair - Katy, TX

Kitchen Remodeling - Katy, TX

Landscaping and Landscape Design - Katy, TX

Painters - Katy, TX

Pest Control - Katy, TX

Plumbers and Plumbing Repair - Katy, TX

Pressure Washing / Power Washing - Katy, TX

Radiant Barriers and Insulation - Katy, TX

Remodeling - Katy, TX

Roofers and Roof Repair - Katy, TX

Sprinklers and Irrigation Repair - Katy, TX

Tree Trimming and Tree Care - Katy, TX

Water Filtration and Water Softeners - Katy, TX

Window Replacement - Katy, TX

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