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 Jim has done an amazing job with Check A Pro. He is always looking out for the consumer while giving quality and reliable service referrals to the consumers. You can trust his company I know I do.

- Rick H.

CheckAPro is an excellent source for finding qualified honest venders to help with your everyday needs. Give them a call of check their website, you'll be glad you did!

- Ken P.

My wife and I have used Check A Pro recommended professionals over 10 times and have been extremely happy with the services we have received! We used to get stressed out about choosing a professional to allow in our home without knowing them- Check A Pro has made it simple and stress free!! Thanks Jim Klauck!

- Jim F.

The Check-A-Pro card was a standard part of closings in my real estate business. We all know things are going to happen, usually unexpectedly and at inopportune times. It works out so well when so many contractors from so many different service areas are available in one place and people can have a comfort level that someone has vetted them. It seems rare that one type of repair doesn't lead to something else needing to be work to sheetrock work or to flooring work or something like that. One stop shopping is always good and this is a perfect way to have access to quick, safe and responsive help when you need it. The $25 bucks off ain't bad either!

- Don L.

Check a pro is a great source to find the best contractors in your area. We've been a member of Check a pro for a few years now and find that Jim and Check a pro is the best choice for finding the right companies needed to do a great job. I'd highly recommend people go to check a pro's web site and Katy Pro's to read about companies and pick who suits them best.

- Brad S.

We have worked with Check a Pro on many levels and have had great success! Not only is our company, Brazos Valley Services, an approved service provider, but we have used other service providers and had great experiences. Jim does a great job supporting all the companies and truly does what's best for the organization. This is not a "pay your way" organization, you truly have to be approved to join and hold up your end of the deal, providing great service for customers. This is a great way to find qualified contractors for any service or project you are needing done!

- Ronald V.

I have known Jim for a long time. He has done a great job putting together a great resource that we use often. We have customers that call us and need roofers, painters, plumbers, landscapers, etc and if I do not know someone I will direct them to Check a Pro.

- Chris L.

Check A Pro is a great organization! I love the $25 Gift Card and appreciate the work they do independently qualifying the contractors for me. I've used their services on numerous occasions and have always been very pleased!

- James W.





Air Conditioning Repair - Katy, TX

Alarm Systems - Katy, TX

Appliance Repair - Katy, TX

Attic Cooling - Katy, TX

Bath Remodeling - Katy, TX

Cabinet Refinishing - Katy, TX

Carpet Cleaning - Katy, TX

Drainage Repair - Katy, TX

Electricians - Katy, TX

Fence Repair - Katy, TX

Foundation Repair - Katy, TX

Front Door Refinishing - Katy, TX

Garage Door Refinishing - Katy, TX

Glass and Mirror Repair - Katy, TX

Gutter Replacement and Repair - Katy, TX

Handyman Services Repair - Katy, TX

Kitchen Remodeling - Katy, TX

Landscaping and Landscape Design - Katy, TX

Painters - Katy, TX

Pest Control - Katy, TX

Plumbers and Plumbing Repair - Katy, TX

Pressure Washing / Power Washing - Katy, TX

Radiant Barriers and Insulation - Katy, TX

Remodeling - Katy, TX

Roofers and Roof Repair - Katy, TX

Sprinklers and Irrigation Repair - Katy, TX

Tree Trimming and Tree Care - Katy, TX

Water Filtration and Water Softeners - Katy, TX

Window Replacement - Katy, TX

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